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Let's plant more trees

Let's plant more trees



It’s no secret that The Glitter Tribe is all about sustainability and caring for the environment.


Our bio-glitter is literally certified to break down once you’ve finished with it.


Even though we’re doing our part for the environment, we’ve been busy thinking of ways we can do more (like when you spend the day doing everything for your brood, but they tell you it’s not enough. Like that, but less rage- inducing).


That’s why we’ve partnered up with One Tree Planted.


Every time you order from The Glitter Tribe, One Tree Planted will plant a tree (their name sort of gives away what they do). It’s like you’re planting a tree, only you don’t have to wear ugly gloves or worry about dirt on your eyeballs.

I hear you ask ...... where oh where will these treed be panted?

Native trees will be planted specifically in bush fire affected areas in Australia.


You didn’t need another reason to buy from us, but we’re giving you one anyway; guilt-free glitter that actually helps the environment.

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Bio Glitter made from eucalyptus trees

Sustainably Sourced

Certified to break down in nature

Certified to break down in nature


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