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So you're itching for the lowdown on biodegradable glitter?
At The Glitter Tribe, we don't mess around with just any old glitter. No, sir!
We exclusively rock Bioglitter™ because it's the real deal, and here's why:
Unlike those plastic-based imposters, Bioglitter™ is all about sustainability and ethics.
It takes a stand by using natural and plant-derived materials as its base. Move over, polyester! Bioglitter™ prefers a special form of cellulose crafted from eucalyptus.
Talk about going green and getting glam at the same time.
BIOGLITTER process image
Bioglitter™ isn't just making empty promises.
Oh no, it's got the independent testing to back it up. ISO14851/2 fresh water testing has put this glitter through its paces, examining the whole Bioglitter product, from its core to its coating.
And guess what? It quickly biodegrades into harmless substances in the natural environment.
That's right, folks it knows how to disappear without a trace, leaving behind nothing but good vibes.
And it doesn't stop there, my sparkly comrades.  Bioglitter™  is not only biodegradable, it's also HOME compostable. So when it's time to bid adieu to your glittery treasures, you can toss them into your compost bin with a dramatic flourish, knowing that they'll break down and become part of the circle of life. How's that for a glitter revolution?
How does it actually degrade?
So, picture this: Biodegradable glitter enters the scene, ready to strut its stuff. But it's not like your regular glitter that just dissolves in water like a drama queen's tears.

Oh no, this glitter has got standards! It demands the presence of bacteria and microorganisms to get the degradation party started. Talk about being high maintenance, am I right?


Once this fancy glitter finds its way into the environment, be it a paddock, river, the big, blue ocean, or even wastewater (because even glitter needs a bathroom break), those little microbes start having themselves a feast. They munch away on the biodegradable bits, transforming them into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. It's like a glittery buffet for the unseen party animals of nature.

Now, don't expect this glitzy degradation to happen at the same speed everywhere. Oh no, local environmental factors play a role in the timeline. Factors like heat, moisture, and the microbial population can either speed up or slow down the process. But here's a fun fact: this biodegradable glitter can bid adieu in as little as four weeks! That's faster than most of us can decide what to wear in the morning.
But hold on, hold on.

If you place this shimmer in a bacteria-free environment, it transforms into something else entirely. It becomes remarkably stubborn, unwilling to break down unless there are spectators.   *****************************************************************

Without any microbes present, there is no process of natural decomposition.

It's like throwing a party with no guests - a glittery snooze fest

Phew ....... this means your sparkles are safe in their jar.
Now, here's the cherry on top of this sparkly sundae: our eco-friendly biodegradable glitter isn't just a one-trick pony. Oh no, it's certified compostable in both industrial and home composting environments. It can even handle marine and wastewater scenarios like a champ. Talk about versatility! There's simply no other glitter on the market quite like it. It's ocean safe, kids play safe,outdoor festival safe, skin safe, and urban environment safe. Basically, it's the superhero of glitters, saving the world one sparkle at a time.


Hmmm, you may be thinking  want some proof.

You have two choices: Option one is to sprinkle it in your garden and observe the marvelous work of Mother Nature's microbes, which could take approximately a month.

Alternatively, you can explore the certificates right here for concrete proof.


So, there you have it—your glitter education with a side of shimmer. Now you can impress your friends with your dazzling knowledge of biodegradable glitter and its extravagant disappearing act. You're welcome!

Oh, and let's not forget: The Glitter Tribe is not just any old glitter peddler. No, no, my friends. We are a licensed Australian company proudly sporting the Bioglitter™ badge. We've got the glitter game on lock and the planet's back at the same time.