How to apply loose glitter – The Glitter Tribe





Are you ready to shine like a diamond in the sun?
It's ime to break out the loose bio glitter and get your sparkle on!
But wait, ……

How do you even apply loose glitter to your skin without making a mess

 or looking like you got in a fight with a unicorn?


First things first ........ choose the right kind of glitter.
Not all glitter is created equal.
Be sure to check your glitter is not a micro plastic.
This is where we come in, our glitter is safe for our planet.
So if it’s The Glitter Tribe glitter ……. Phew!
 You did the right thing and didn’t opt for the cheap plastic stuff. Well done you!
Boho woman wearing a bohemian head scarf with bio glitter freckles these are eco friendly and certified biodegradable. Heading to a festival wearing vegan makeup.
Now, let's talk about how to actually get that glitter to stick.
The key is to use a sticky base, something like Paw Paw, ointment, Aloe Vera gel even coconut oil works a treat.
Eyelash glue and hair gel are some other option too.
Add adhesive to the area where you want to sparkle, then use a brush
or your finger to pat the loose glitter onto the sticky skin.
So now you know how to get your sustainable sparkle on
in an eco friendly keeping our planet shining bight too.
Bohemian lady wearing a head scarf and biodegradable glitter as a highlighter instead of make up its vegan and eco friendly.
The Glitter Tribe is not your average glitter
It has none of the plastic and all of the shine.

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