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Sustainably Sourced

Bio Glitter made from eucalyptus trees

Our glitter is made from something called ‘cellulose’ (not to be confused with cellulite, which we can confirm our glitter is NOT made from). Cellulose is, essentially, wood pulp.


Our cellulose comes predominantly from eucalyptus trees. You could be worrying that we’re not koala-fied to take eucalyptus away from the drop bears, and you’d have every reason to be. Let us just tell you, we’re not that sort of people.


Our eucalyptus cellulose comes from certified and responsibly managed plantations. 

These plantations meet PEFC™ standards and are sustainably harvested to 

FSC® standards.


Basically, all these fancy words mean that when our glitter is made, no koalas lose their homes or their food, and the world can be a more sparkly place.

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Certified to break down in nature

Certified to break down in nature

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Unicorn Dough

Let's plant more trees

Let's plant more trees


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